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1 Five children listed on 1870 Census: Alice A., 9 years old; Olive C., 6 years old; Adaline S., 4 years old, and Arthur, 2 1/2 years old. Family: F2053
2 Three children mentioned in 1870 Census: Cyrus, 5 years old; Hettie, 2 years old and Cora, 1-1/2 years old. Family: F4132
3 17 Dec 1727 Family: F1949
4 1880 census shows Isham and Isaac both age 50. Twins?
1850 mortality schedule for MS shows Jane Robertson, age 13, Lowndes County, died of typhoid. 
Family: F5983
5 Family: F1978
6 Family: F1998
7 Family: F2005
8 Family: F2009
9 Family: F2010
10 According to Hinshaw: "Martha Titus on comm. [committee] 1700. "Both signed rem cert 1707 [removal certificate]. Benjamin and Martha (Titus) Seaman had ten children, of whom the first nine are mentioned in the Census of 1698: Family: F2616
11 At Her Father's House Family: F2110
12 bond recorded April 17, 1843
Rev. G. L. Warner
surety: William Robinson (Rachel's father?) 
Family: F4940
13 Bunker: "The always lived on the old Whitson Homestead, at Bethpage... ["Long Island Genealogies" p.321] Family: F2084
14 Captain John Seaman married second, 1655, Martha Moore, daughter of Thomas and Martha (Youngs) Moore, of Southhold, Long Island. She was born in England; baptized in Salem, MA., Oct. 21, 1639; died 1698). They had four sons and seven daughters: Family: F2030
15 Captain John Seaman was twice married. He married first in 1644, Elizabeth Strickland, daughter of John and Jane Strickland of Charlestown, Mass. John Strickland had come to America with the first party of "Bay Coherts" to Salem in 1629, took posession of Charlestown and vicinity in 1630, and was made Freeman in May, 1631. John Strickland and all his family except one son (Thwaite) came to Long Island after 1646, and were among the early settlers of note in that vicinity. Captain John and Elizabeth had four sons and one daughter. Captain John Seaman married second, 1655, Martha Moore, daughter of Thomas and Martha (Young) Moore, of Southhold, Long Island. She was born in England; baptized in Salem, MA., Oct. 21, 1639; died 1698). They had four sons and seven daughters. Family: F2024
16 Date:AFT 1864 Family: F5475
17 Deborah Seaman married before 1694 John Kirk of Hempstead Harbor, Long Island, NY and they had two sons: Family: F2036
18 Fact 2:
PA German Marriages, D R Irish, 1982

Marriage by Rev C Lewis Becker
PA German Marriages, D R Irish, 1982 
Family: F284
19 From Bible of Dr. A. K. Naugle, West Point, MS Family: F6048
20 From Genealogy of the Darby Family, George Darby, 1726 - 1788 of Montgomery Co., Maryland, by R. C. Darby, 1914 Family: F6126
21 Ged by Jimmy Jack Norwood/TX says 1679 Family: F747
22 Henry Willis m. Mary Peace. They resided in the town of Devizes until 1667, where their three elder children were born.
The year after the great fire they removed to London, where they lived for seven or eight years and had several children born to them. It being soon after the rise of the religious sect called Quakers, of which they were members, they suffered, in common with their friends, imprisonment and persecution at the hands of the officials, and much abuse and annoyance from the rabble because of their peculiar views.
About the year 1675 Henry and his family (except the eldest daughter Mary) emigrated to America and found a temporary home in the town of Oysterbay [sic], on Long Island. A year or two thereafter he purchased of Captain John Seaman a piece of land in the adjoining township of Hempstead (now North Hempstead), where he permanently settled, giving the place the name of Westbury, after a town in his native county in England, which it continues to bear to the present day. [It is claimed (and I believe with a good degree of probability) by the TITUS family that the name of Westbury was given by Edmund Titus, their emigrant ancestor, who was among the earliest settlers on Long Island, and who is supposed to have been a native of the town of Westbury, in the County of Wiltshire, England. He purchased the proprietary right of Timothy Wood, one of the original patentees of the town of Hempstead, and received as his portion, upon a division of the town lands, a lot at Westbury, where he soon after established his residence, and which is still (1884) owned and occupied by his descendants of the same name.]
[Henry Willis] died [in Westbury] July 11, 1714, and his wife Mary on April 23, 1714.
{from: Hicks, Benjamin D., Willis Family of Long Island, (New York: New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, Oct. 1884 Vol. XV reprinted in Hoff, Henry B. Genealogies of Long Island Families [Baltimore :Genealogical Pub. Co., 1987]), p. 743. 
Family: F2033
23 Hezekiah Seaman married Mary Doughty. In the Quaker records this marriage was "acknowledged married out" Sept. 27, 1732. ct Purchase [NY] June 28, 1738; cf Purchase [NY]; disowned June 24, 1761 for oath and serving as Constable. Family: F2042
24 Hinshaw's Quaker records indicate the month of marriage was November. Elizabeth Phillips was probably the daughter of John Townsend and widow of Theophilus Phillips of Flushing m. Theophilus 1685, he d. 1686, she was his 3rd wife. [from Mary Powell (Seman) Bunker: "Long Island Genealogies" p. 30] Family: F2064
25 Hinshaw's Quaker Records: both acknowledge marrying outside the Quaker faith 9 Mo (Nov) 26, 1735 [vol. 3, p. 465] Family: F2077
26 Hinshaw's Quaker Records: Married outside the Quaker Faith before 2 Mo (Apr) 24, 1751; acknowledged marrying outside 4-29-1752 [vol. 3, p. 465] Family: F2041
27 Hinshaw's Quaker Records: Samuel Powell and Mary Wood acknowledge marring outside the Quaker faith 4-29-1752 [vol. 3, 437] Family: F2078
28 Jacob Seaman married Mercy Powell. Mary Thomas Seaman has Mercy Powell's birthdate as March 18, 1704/05, other sources indicate 1702. Family: F2043
29 Listed in Grant Township Family: F4329
30 Marraige date: 11 Mar 1864 Family: F4223
31 Marriage Index: Selected Areas of NY, 1639-1916
Province Of New York 
Family: F2119
32 married at the home of J W . Johnson, justice of the peace; witnessed by Vera Pfautz and W,.W. Fowler Family: F26
33 Married by a justice of the peace. - M. P. Bunker, Long Island Genealogies, p. 36 Family: F2080
34 married by rev mcdougal Family: F1874
35 Martha Seaman married Nathaniel Pearsall, "a man of weight and force in his community". He died August 24, 1703. They had a "remarkable family of twelve children" of whom eleven are recorded in the Westbury, Long Island records: Family: F2026
36 Mentioned in will of Asa Darby. From Genealogy of the Darby Family, George Darby, 1726 - 1788 of Montgomery Co., Maryland, by R. C. Darby, 1914 Family: F6001
37 Nathaniel Seaman married Aug 9, 1695 Rachel Willis, dau. of Henry and Mary (Peace) Willis. She died Aug. 28, 1739. [From: Seaman, Mary Thomas, The Seaman Family in America..., (1928), p. 23.] Family: F2032
38 Nathaniel Seaman married Sarah Powell. They lived at Westbury, Long Island, NY and had seven children: Family: F2038
39 Now Montgomery Co., VA Family: F1171
40 Of Edgartown, Dukes, Massachusetts Family: F238
41 Of Essex, England Family: F2296
42 Of Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut Family: F2305
43 Of Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut Family: F2313
44 Of Salem, Essex, Massachusetts Family: F240
45 PA German Marriages, D R Irish, 1982
List marriage as January 28, 1799
Marriage by Rev C Lewis Becker 
Family: F279
46 Paster: Simeon Harris Family: F4912
47 Pastor: John Rowan
"Catherine Poland" 
Family: F4911
48 Pastor: S. Harris Family: F4917
49 Pastor: Simeon Harris Family: F4902
50 Pastor: Simeon Harris Family: F4913

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